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Energy savings - an important task for the preservation of natural resources.

1Today we need to consider energy savings as the only way to survive in the new century, where there is less and less time for the adaptation to life without oil. And at the dawn of the 21 st century it is not just a transition into the new century, a transition into an era of vanishing oil and gas, a complete replacement of gas boilers by other sources of heat, where not only incandescent lamps and petrol engines go back in times - go irretrievably whole layers of energy technologies and equipment.

Our goal is to preserve and conserve nature and its wealth! 

Waste is not a garbage,but a fuel, and it is our priority!

Now or never is our motto!

We have developed and manufactured the microwave plasma torch, which has found wide application in various industries:

Energy - gasification of low-grade coal and burning coal at the coal-fired power stations.

Environment - recycling and gasification of various plasma-chemical reactor wastes, including disposal of solid wastes to produce synthetic fuels, recycling and disposal of toxic chemicals and biomedical wastes. In this case, emissions of harmful gases are actually absent.

Plasma afterburning of flue gases before release into the atmosphere from smelters and at the coal-fired power statins.

Metallurgy - Processing and manufacturing of various materials, including receipt of polycrystalline silicon, efficient heating and drying ladles and more.

To create your own products, we use innovative environmentally friendly technology. The basis of these technologies is a freely floating plasmoid from a microwave discharge. Discharge plasma is not in contact with the walls of the cavity, resulting in erosion of the metal is absent. The length of the plasma jet and the transverse dimensions of the plasmoid is regulated by the amount supplied to the plasma gas. Microwave plasma torch creates a flame with a temperature up to 6000 º C.

The use of microwave plasma torches allows to upgrade the traditional ones and create entirely new enabling technologies. Plasma processes are of the highest specific capacity, low metal content, inertia-free in the administration, has the purity of the plasma torch and is environmentally safe operation.

We strive to take the lead in scientific development and manufacture of microwave devices and plasma heating. Innovation and significant technical advantages of microwave plasma torch in comparison with gas and electric devices provide our products with undeniable technological and technical advantages and good prospects for the global market.


Our company introduces new technologies from research to transition to full-scale commercial production of industrial equipment.

We offer a microwave plasma torch and installation for heating and processing of various materials that meet the modern needs of industry and science, providing reliable and efficient operation of equipment. Installation of microwave plasma heating work throughout the world on a diverse set of RD, commercial and industrial enterprises.


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