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zdanie-n-poligon-3Company UKRPLASMA Co has been founded in 1995 on working out and introduction of the microwave technologies based on technical decisions of aeronautical and space researches.

Since 1999 and till the present time the Company delivers the wide nomenclature of the equipment which allows to carry out all spectrum of works on repair, installation and operation of oil-filling equipment and, first of all, high-voltage oil transformers of any capacity.

 The equipment delivered by the Company can be used for clearing, drainage and regenerations of turbine, cable and other mineral oils.

Since 2004 the Company has included in sphere of the interests working out and manufacture of microwave plasma torches, and also processing devicesfor firing of various inorganic and organic substances. Being based on a long operational experience with microwave generators of the big capacity our developers have created a microwave plasma torch which provides the temperature of a torch to 6000 C.

The plasma torch has shown duration of work without change of magnetron within 9600 hours. The time demanded on replacement of magnetron at minimum of financial expenses is no more than 0,5 hours.The rapid progress in manufacture of microwave technique has already allowed to increase an operating time of magnetrons till 12000 hours, and total power capacity of generators is conformed with the requirements of almost any consumer of our production.