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Plasma torch

DSC02739kThe microwave plasma torch is intended for creation of low-temperature plasma torch. Plasma represents freely soaring plasmoid which is formed in the resonator microwave plasmatron. Plasma is blown by outside organised stream of plasma- forming gas and arrives in a working zone of a plasma torch. Plasmatron works at atmospheric pressure. 

Comparison of microwave plasmatrons with applied electroarc plasmatrons shows now that the way of reception of microwave plasma essentially surpasses electroarc one in technical and operational characteristics.

The advantage of the use of microwave plasmatron consists in simplicity of technological process and the corresponding process equipment. Microwave plasmatron provides heating in  ranges of temperatures to 6000ºC. Besides, the installation works with high efficiency, as almost all microwave energy is spent for processing of materials. The microwave plasma torch does not demand use of copper or any other electrodes with short term of service life which demand frequent replacement and the big material inputs. Microwave plasmatron provides creation of a uniform and manageable plasma torch.

The important advantage of microwave plasmatron consists that during its work liquid or firm fuel, and also chemical substances is not used. Plasma torches depending on the area of their use can have various capacity. Demanded capacity for a particular industrial target is reached by the total use of a ruler of microwave plasmatrons with smaller capacity.


Ranges of capacity of microwave plasma torch UKRPLASMA Co

DSC02244MPT-50- Model of a torch with the smallest torch size, offered by UKRPLASMA Co Microwave capacity of this torch makes 25- 50 kW. Such torch is intended for the processing purposes (drying, heating, firing) of a small amount of materials.

MPT -100-Torch model with microwave capacity from 75 to 100 kW. Such torch is used for firing of coal-dust air mixes in boilers of coal fired station, for burning of a rice peel in manufacture of silicon and many other technological processes.

MPT -300 - Torches with microwave capacity from 100 to 300 kW. These torches are used for processing of a considerable quantity of household and industrial wastes, drying of ladles at the heavy metal processing enterprises and many other things. Installations with microwave capacity from 300 kW and above provide achievement of heats at small working costs.