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Recycling of chemical poison product

Installation for recycling of toxic substances by means of a microwave plasma torch uses plasma-chemical technology. It is based on high-temperature plasma chemical influence on toxic substances and their full decomposition by means of microwave plasma. As a result of plasma recycling of toxic substances the useful product - synthesis-gas is received. Synthesis-gas represents a mix of hydrogen and oxide carbon and is valuable power raw material.dsc02832

Utilised toxic substances- these are a waste of chemical manufacturing, pesticides, fertilizers. They can be gaseous, liquid or in the form of suspension.

This is only the transformation of toxic substances into safe ones for people and for the environment,which helps radically to solve the problem of poisonous substances. The use of plasma with average mass temperatures of 3500÷5000ºC allows to carry out the destruction of organic and non-organic connections with very high speed and high degree of transformation.

The basic advantage of plasma chemical technologies is versatility in relation to type of substance and the small dimensions which are making possible mobile technological modules.


 UKRPLASMA Co produces installations for recycling of poisonous chemical substances of various productivity.


 6kIPUtoxin -25 - the expense of submitted raw materials is regulated from 20 to 40 kg/h. Capacity of plasmatron - 25 kW.


IPUtoxin -100 expense of submitted raw materials is regulated from 100 to 150 kg/h. Capacity plasmatron - 100 kW.