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Firing coal

The objective of installation is the creation of a fiery torch on the output of torch devices without the use of natural gas and black oil (top internal oil) and other combustible materials. Microwave plasma torches for firing coal are established on boilers of coal fired station. The generator of low-temperature plasma, plasmatron, using microwave energy, is the highly effective converter of electric energy in thermal energy gas - or an air stream. The thermal efficiency of microwave plasmatron reaches 88÷ 95 %dsc02684kff

For savings of irreplaceable natural power resources, full or partial replacement of coal with a biomass (an agricultural waste, a waste of processing of wood etc.) is possible. The work of our installed microwave plasma firing has convincingly shown the possibility of ignition of a biomass with high humidity.


Advantages of application of a microwave plasma torch for firing coal or organic fuel:

- the firing coal dust in boilers of Coal fired station by means of a microwave plasma torch replaces expensive gas and black oil fuel;

- ecological conditions improved as a result of reduced emissions in atmosphere of harmful chemical substances;


PTC-5 - plasma torch for firing of coal dust has following parameters:

- the productivity of a torch makes 5 tons of a coal dust per hour;

- the microwave capacity is 75 kW;

- the temperature of dust gas mixtures in the chamber of a plasma torch is 1100ºC.