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Transformers equipment

The technological process equipment for operation, repair, installation of transformers and preparation of transformer oils.

The nomenclature of the let out equipment:

 Installations for degassing, nitriding, drying, heating and a filtration of transformer oils of type UBM;

Complex installations for processing of transformer oil and isolation of transformers of type drainage and BM 10-10/20 (-70)-U1;

Installations for adsorption drying, regeneration and clearing of mechanical impurity of transformer oils of type MCU-4C-U1;

Installations and blocks for regeneration of sorbents of type PS-1A U1;

Installations for drying of firm isolation of type " Hoarfrost";

Blocks vacuum type BV-500;

Installations for drainage of air type The "Dry Wind";

Installations for heating and a filtration of transformer oils, warming up of firm isolation of t   ransformers of type HTML;

Hydraulic devices for lifting and moving of the heavy equipment of type NSP-400M, DG-100M, DG-17.