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Applications Overview


The microwave plasma torch has a wide spectrum of application for technological operations of burning, sintering and melting down of various substances.Thanks to universality of plasma action our equipment works in many branches of industrial processing. We develop the following number of the equipment working on the basis of application of microwave plasma:

- installation for set fire of coal on boilers of Coal fired station. Installation appointment is replacement of an existing way of illumination fault, ballasting coals in boilers of Coal fired station on non-black mineral oil, non-polluting plasma illumination and kindling;

- installation for recycling and neutralization of poison chemical products by burning of toxic waste with the use of microwave plasma. The use of plasma with average mass temperatures of 3500÷ 5000ºC allows to carry out the destruction of organic and inorganic connections with very big speed and high degree of transformation.

- a complex for the combined non-polluting way of recycling of a firm household organic and non-organic waste with application of technology of multiplanimetric circulating plasma pyrolysis. The offered technology provides non-polluting recycling of a waste with reception of high energy, gas, liquid and firm fuel. The products received as a result of plasma-pyrolitic decomposition completely provide an independent mode of process with possibility of commercial realization of output high-energy fuels, metals etc.

- Installation for tail-burning of gases on waste-work factories. At the moment of heat treatment of wastes, gases which burnt with a view of their guaranteed neutralization are allocated. Allocation of these polluting substances is first of all because of the incomplete combustion of household, connected with heterogeneous character of a burnt material, complexity and a variety of the chemical-thermodynamic processes proceeding in a fire chamber with various intensity. Formation possibility of dioxins and furans at thermal neutralization of a waste with the low maintenance of chlorine (less than 1 %) is almost excluded at process temperature above 1000 ºС, the time the smoke gases stay in the zone of burning not less than 2 seconds. In microwave plasmatron the temperature reached~ 6000ºC, therefore the time of smoke gases to stay in the burning zone decreases to 1 second.

- installation for manufacture of basalt fibres with application of the furnace with a microwave plasma torch. In this case basalt fibres are received from cheap raw materials (basalt) at one-phase technological process that causes their lower cost price in comparison with similar materials which are made in the traditional way. Basalt fibres are applied for:

- manufactures energetically effective heat and sound isolation  non-polluting materials and products for manufacture of sound-proof materials and products;

- the cryogenic technics;

- hydroponic;

- filler it is volume the reinforced basalt composite materials and products with the various binding; БТВ it is efficient in a wide range of temperatures (from-260 to +700°С),  firm to vibration, keeps the initial form at operation, chemically inertly, non-fuel and in general raises fire resistance of object where it is applied. In a complex of properties surpasses similar materials from glass wool, mineral cotton wool  and natural heat isolation materials; - installation for a warming up of the thickened viscous mineral oil in tanks. The combined technology of direct microwave influence is applied to unloading and clearing of tanks on a surface of a product and heating by means of a microwave plasma torch. The method allows with high efficiency, with small power inputs and observance of ecological cleanliness to make as unloading of all volume of the tank (to 50 м3), and plums of a ground deposit. In comparison with a steam method at a microwave warming up of mineral oil speed of carrying out of process, or productivity, in 5÷ 7 times above, and power inputs - in 3÷ 5 times more low;

- installation for reception of polycrystalline silicon through an amorphous phase hydrolysis methods sylans and also restoration sylans in microwave plasma with the subsequent transfer of amorphous silicon in a crystal phase. Raw materials - a rice peel, horsetails, cereals of  bamboo, sowing campaign rice.