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Recycling of firm household waste


The complex of the equipment for recycling of firm household waste PMSW – 50

It is intended for the combined non-polluting way of recycling household organic and not an organic waste. Equipment work provides recycling of a waste with reception high-energy, gaseous, liquid and firm fuel. The received products completely provide an independent mode of process with possibility of commercial realization of days off high-energy fuel, metals etc.

_For factories with productivity more than 100 ton/day the economic value of products received from waste is sufficient to cover working costs and to get profit on sale of received production It provides competitiveness microwave plasma processing of waste in comparison with other ways of its recycling. Essential decrease in operational expenses provides advantage of microwave plasma technology in comparison with electro-arc. Besides, harmful emissions in atmosphere at use of microwave plasma technology much more low, than the most strict specifications operating today in the EU countries

Thermal energy received in the course of plasma MSW recycling reduces burden on other sources of thermal electric energy production, for example on thermal power plants which burn coal, gas and black mineral oil (fuel oil). The system of plasma MSW recycling allows producing up to 1.2 MW of capacity on each ton of MSW.


Structure of a processed waste


Them concern:

- firm municipal and to it similar a waste;

- a firm waste in common with waste of oil industry (oil slam, sour tars, etc.);

- a waste polluted with poison chemical;

- an electronics  waste;

- the fulfilled tyres;

- all kinds of plastic;

- silts deposits of undertaking by cleaning of city sewage;

- a waste polluted ground deposits of basins,

- biologically  the polluted waste of  hospitals,

- contents of cattle graves, dumps (ranges of a waste), etc.

The structural composition of a firm household waste (MSW) in cities is approximately identical. They include 30-40 % - papers and  cardboard, 25-35 % - a food waste, 2-4 % - wood, 2-4 % - textiles, 3-6 % - metal, 5-6 % - glasses, ceramics, 1-2 % - skin, rubbers and 1-2 % - plastic.


Equipment operating mode on recycling  of MSW

The chamber of microwave plasma-pyrolizing  recyclings of MSW represents a cylindrical pipe on which weight of raw materials moves from one end to another. Moving on the chamber, the raw materials gets to various temperature zones where there is an active decontamination of raw materials (allocation of gases without oxidation). Gas is selected and moves in the gas purification block after which it is burnt in other chamber, creating a temperature mode of drying  a waste on a chamber input. At a final stage, in the end of the chamber of plasmatron, the zone with the heat (to 2000 - 3000° С) is located. Under the influence of plasma temperature and the plasma (plasmoide) there is a definitive combustion pyrolize  mass to splitting on harmless chemical elements and slags. Slag melt collects and homogenizing, then through knot plum goes to acceptance boxing of melt. Slag merges in a continuous or periodic mode in the metal containers established in reception boxing. The temperature slag melt in a bath of plasmatron reaches 1600-1800° С. In a chamber design giving possibilities of blow air for productivity or structure regulation pyrogas  are provided. Pyrolized gases from the chamber direct to the reburning chamber where combustible gas and aerosol components of pyrogas burn down at temperature 1100 - 1300° С.

Departing gases cool in evaporate heat exchanger to temperature 300° С, clear of aerosols in the filter, cool in the heat exchanger and will neutralize harmful gaseous components (HCl, NO2, SO2) in an absorber irrigated with an alkaline solution circulating on a contour. Before emission in atmosphere departing gases pass additional sanitary clearing in the absolute filter. As a source of heating of the furnace serve microwave plasmatrons, established in a bottom part of a chamber. As a plasma-forming gas air is used. Installation is equipped by gauges of the control of temperatures, pressure, electric parameters and expenses of environments. Management of installation is made from the panel which structure includes measuring devices, capacity regulators of plasmatrons, a registration and management complex in technological parameters on the basis of the computer and the controller, buttons of start-up both emergency switching-off plasmatrons and condition indicators.




Valuable products obtained as a result of the MSW recycling by

microwave plasma torch


The name of an indicator


Productivity of factory on processing of a waste

4000 kg/hour

Manufacture of inert slag

600 kg/hour

Energy of working synthetic gas

8860 kW

General manufacture of the electric power (with use synthetic gas)

3080 kW

Quantity of the electric power consumed for own needs of factory

1350 kW

Manufacture of metals, including:

Fe –  218 kg

Cu – 34 kg

Ni – 1 kg

Zinc concentrate Zn – 12 kг

265 kg

Minerals (SiO2,  Fe2O3, CaO, Al2O3, Na2O, K2O, P2O6, TiO2)

920 kg

Pure water

1400 kg