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Recycling of a medical waste

 Company makes the equipment for recycling of potentially dangerous medical waste.


This equipment is unique as provides not only sterilization of a waste, but also their full recycling. The rest received after recycling, is suitable for the further use and does not increase weight of a municipal waste.


The equipment for utilization of a medical waste can be used across the nation for the big treatment-and-prophylactic establishments. The equipment with smaller productivity can be used in small private clinics.

medutavto The equipment for utilization of a medical waste can be executed both in stationary, and in mobile execution. It is established permanently in treatment-and-prophylactic establishments. It is intended mobile equipment for utilization for service of several small medical points.

 It is intended for full and safe destruction of a waste of classes  ”A”, “B”, “C”. Conditions of classification of types of a utilized waste correspond to norms SanPiN

 According to this classification

-  class A: a harmless waste of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments;

-  class B: a dangerous waste of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments;

-  class C: extremely dangerous waste of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments;

Results of recycling of a medical waste correspond to the existing legislation and sanitary -  hygienic norms of EU, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Received ashes concern a municipal waste and do not comprise any active biological components. Therefore such waste can be stored on usual range of a municipal waste or are used as the additive by manufacture of concrete. The volume of the processed waste makes 10-15 % from the initial.


Kinds of a medical waste

medical_waste Medical waste - the non-uniform mix containing infected components.

 Medical waste consists of plastics, textiles and PVC, can include needles from of syringes, the fulfilled materials of the surgical operations, the delayed medical preparations.

 Biological material and biodangerous waste;

 Glass (bottles, bottles, test tubes, ampoules);


 Frequently hospitals burn the waste. At PVC burning are allocated besides other carbonic oxide, furans and dioxine.

Plasma pyrolysis is an effective method of destruction of a dangerous waste.


Technological process of destruction of a medical waste

Plastic packages with a waste are loaded into the bunker with a hermetic cover and crushed.

The crushed waste a stream of plasma forming gas goes to a zone where the pyrolysis at temperature 900-1100 ºC take place. Heating is conducted by a plasma torch in oxygen-free atmosphere of inert gas. After full decomposition of substance of a waste the formed cooled rest moves to the reception bunker. The received gases definitively burn down at temperature 1300 ºC.

In a microwave plasma torch electromagnetic breakdown which ionises gas (for example, air) is used, and forms a plasma torch with temperature nearby 6 000 ºC.

Medical waste in these installations heats up to 1300 - 1700 ºC therefore potentially pathogenic microbes are destroyed.

 medshc1. A medical waste

2. Crushing of a waste

3. A zone of microwave plasma pyrolysis of a medical waste

4. The generator of microwave energy

5. Reburning gas synthesis

6. Filtration system

7. The heat exchanger

8. Slag

9. Giving plasma forming gas (inert gas)



Technical characteristics

 Productivity: 150 (UМW-3,5) - 300 (UМW-7,0) kg of a waste at an hour (1000 - 2000 tons of a waste a year.).

 The modular design and possibility of adjustment of target capacity allow to change productivity of the equipment for utilization of a medical waste  according to requirements of the Customer.

 Operating mode continuous.

 The area occupied with installation - 200 m2.

 Process temperature - not less than 1100ºC.

 A feeding: 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz.

 Power consumption from a network to 22 - 36 kw (max).

 Service: 1 person.

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Advantages of technology of microwave plasma processing of a medical waste

 Plant for utilization  of medical waste provides full processing of a waste on a formation place, eliminating necessity of their daily export from treatment-and-prophylactic establishments.

It is economic in operation: does not demand account materials; there is no necessity of frequent replacement of details of a torch as the plasma torch does not contact to design elements.

Processing of a waste is spent by non-polluting methods. It is not required to preliminary disinfection of a waste.In the course of recycling disinfectants and other account materials are not used.

Occurrence and distribution of intrahospital infections, and also carrying over of infections and viruses for limits treatment-and-prophylactic establishments is excluded.

The received product-dry, sterile slag. 

The equipment includes system of safety of the personnel and equipment protection (high level of safety of operation is provided).

Minimum area of placing of installation- only 200 sq.m.

It is easily mounted, maintained, served. 

Does not demand building of any auxiliary constructions (the base, etc.).